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Many times, while shopping, visiting a laundromat, walking through a mall, laughing with my friends, or just browsing through a bookstore, curious people will approach me. Their warm conversation usually begins with the question, “What happened to your arm?” When I explain that I was born without my right forearm, the response is often the same: “But you are so joyful! I can’t help noticing.” I’M GLAD THEY NOTICE MY JOY! (Joy is not just something we possess, but a dynamic that possesses us.)

Having one arm does not define me, but I often reflect that our great Creator/Redeemer God will use any intrigue to get our happy I am to be part of His glorious design. How can I stop and share my adventure in the brief moments of our encounter? With respect to any reader of different persuasions, I invite you to enjoy the account of my fulfilling journey

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