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Since this was first written, I have acquired some new vocabulary through the education of “living.”

My greatest challenge has been a severe hearing loss from the diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease - a malady that affects the inner ear and causes vertigo from time to time. With the addition of two hearing aids, some of the lack of hearing has been modified, but an ever-present “bass echo” prevails, whether in my own speech, or listening to conversations. Music pitches are seldom definable unless in the very top treble area.

Beautiful organ music, which has always been my delight, sounds like a motorcycle running through the building. Even with the technology of “settings” in the hearing aids, word recognition is often hindered. Of course, this has led to much laughter, along with the consternation, when my answers have been nothing short of hilarious.


Because the lessons I’ve learned are innumerable and too valuable to keep to myself. For instance, I have always claimed that MUSIC IS MY LIFE. I have learned that CHRIST IS MY is a GIFT...a factor that never changes.


A great truth I’ve discovered is that circumstances can never rob me of the joy in knowing Christ and His unchangeable Word. It is also my goal to share this with young people who struggle with the importance of “assignments” and “finishing the distasteful duties” that will undoubtedly be part of their education and living. I vividly recall music assignments in theory and harmony in college. Those frustrating late-night studies, seriously attempting to understand and apply those lessons, now allow me the pleasure of continuing a limited amount of piano playing, even though I may not “hear” the melody or harmony, I still play much of my repertoire at times and can read music - reminding me of the “good ole days” that didn’t seem so good at the time. AND...I must trust you when you tell me the music we are hearing is beautiful!

I also have dealt with a rotator cuff problem in my left shoulder. With therapy and doctors’ care, I have been able to continue living a normal lifestyle, learning more of how fearfully and wonderfully we are made. One great plus and blessing for me has been the necessity of having my hair styled by a great hairdresser...and each time she performs her work of art on me, I joke, “This is wonderful! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?”

God’s Word often echoes in my heart, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produce perseverance.” James reminds us in James 1 that this results in a “finished work, full and complete.” (I am still working on PURE joy!)


It is true!
Christ has made my life full and complete!



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