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Apr/May Update... Experience the "ALLs"

Numbers 6:24-26 ‘May the Lord bless and protect you; may the Lord’s face radiate with joy because of you; may he be gracious to you, show you his favor, and give you his peace.

This is my prayer for you amidst the unrest, uncertainty, un-truth, unloving, unlawful times where we find ourselves living....... HIS PEACE CANNOT BE OBLITERATED WITH ALL THE “UNS” WE’RE EXPERIENCING TODAY... I PRAY YOU WILL ENJOY THE “ALLS” OF GOD’S PRESENCE AND ENDLESS PROMISES

Just a “taste” of ALL from God’s Word: *ALL have sinned *ALL things are possible *ALL Scripture is given by inspiration *God is not willing that any should perish, but that ALL would come to repentance.....etc.

I’m learning God has given ALL of us gifts....and SOME have writing gifts they are discovering through the Timberline Writers Club. Our goal is to make an eternal impact for Christ on our world. I wish I could bless you all with a blow-by-blow account. It’s kept me busy! I’ve had the privilege of hospitality many times these two months...

My same traits are still with me after all these years...Last Sunday, I found the fruit tray in the refrigerator AFTER my guests had gone.

In between the above activities, I’ve participated in our Women’s retreat from church...played piano for our Traditions Sunday pre- services....planted flowers......(some of you will remember a gardener I am not, but most of them are still alive)......Had lots of help from Marcia (my Steamboat Springs family), neighbors and friends.....have enjoyed a continuing single women/widows group. PRAYER: I’m weighing whether to host a group, OR teach neighborhood Bible study in the Fall.

A beloved Partner/Friend/Servant of God, Barba Watwood, also is recently in Glory! Barba was in the church Ed pastored in Torrance, California. She never stopped serving....even in her advanced senior years, she taught CHILDREN’S Sunday School!!

I asked for prayer for my dear sister-in- law, Henrietta Pittman, in my last letter. SHE HAS

GRADUATED TO HER HEAVENLY HOME! She leaves five lovely, devoted daughters, many grand- children and great grandchildren. On June 27th she would have been 85. She & I were the only Pittmans left in our generation!

Grandson Blaydon - turned 17 on May 31! God is at work in this handsome young man.... thank you for your prayers for all my sweet family

Granddaughter Taylor with Tom, Lauren & Mark..... recent picture. Sorry, no recent one of Grandson Connor.

I failed to get pictures of most of the April/May part of my journey. Above are a few recent ones: (PLEASE...... I haven’t “gone to the dogs!”)

1 - Marcia & I took a few breaks from flower shopping and planting.....caught her smile in between bites at a favorite restaurant. 2 - The beautiful mountain view at the Women’s retreat. 3 - Dear friend Leahrose with Phyllis Bradsby (featured in last of one of Mark’s best friends in first through third grade) together at the retreat after all these years! 4 - Our neighborhood “unwanted” visitor feeding on ground at next door neighbor’s birdseed feeder. 5 - I’m Grandma Mabel (with treats, of course!) to neighborhood dogs - Emmy Lou, Kizzy, Bogey. Kizzy is adjusting to the LITTLE and BIG new neighbors! 6,7 - My granddogs......(6) are Gunner & Scout in California...(7) my Steamboat Springs granddog, Belle, who visits often.... 8 - Fun with one of my group of single women/widows from church (It’s not ALL work!)

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