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MABEL’S September/October 2023 UPDATE

We’re watching our Summer>to Fall>toWinter take place before our eyes! It is a very beautiful time here in Colorado, reminding us of God’s Word - Daniel 2:21 - He changes times and seasons; He deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.

My life continues to be full AND fulfilling…..I’ve tried to capture small portions of it in pictures.

Many recent opportunities to see God answer prayers in friends’ lives….From broken bones….to trauma of seizures,….to unplanned hospital visits (as prayer partners…not a patient)….to share with friends in the griefs and triumphs of loved ones passing into Glory….to birthday celebrations. (Have you noticed? People just keep having birthdays!…Yay!)

While it would take you too long to read this if I shared every event, here are just a few things that filled my life these two months. (Some things I’ve participated in at a distance.)

**Delayed birthday for dear daughter-in-law Lauren’s 50th (OK! it really IS a Pittman “tradition” to be too busy to stop and celebrate on time!)

**Days of concentrated prayer for Virginia’s very special grandson Emerson, after experiencing a seizure while at his brother’s wedding….another grandson in a motorcycle accident! Many surgeries, including an amputation of the right leg below the knee!

**Hosting my widows’ group (Grace Notes) for our September “afternoon tea.”

**Birthday at my house (twice) for dear friend Virginia Pippin.

**Getting my most favorite families together for dinner here. (My “Steamboat Springs family” and my “Alaska family” in Loveland.) You may recall that my dear prayer partner in Alaska now lives in Loveland…..She’s the “Susan” many of you prayed for during her second kidney transplant about two years ago….doing so well now!)

**Dear friends/neighbor’s daughter-in-law Ami lost her fight to live after a heart transplant.

**Visit from China missionary (English Language Institute in China….now with China Source) Joann Pittman and sister Janet. (Yes….She’s the daughter of Pakistan missionaries Sam & Grace Pittman. We’ve known Joann and Janet since they were kids……strong family resemblances….., but we’ve never found the connection. What a blessing, “catching up,” and receiving her book about church bells she researched in China…..a great reminder of Christianity’s history in China.) Their mother, Grace (late 90’s!), just went to Glory last month….she is greatly missed.

**I guess it goes with my age (88!)….we have had so MANY dear senior friends taking falls and breaking bones….from hips to arms, to wrists, etc. We all become “ cheer leaders/prayer partners” for each other, and have learned to add that to our “regular” schedules!

** Daniel, Will, and Anna Otto are three of our “bonus grandchildren.” Will’s & Elizabeth’s Hunter’s first birthday…Grandma Rosalyn celebrated with them in Europe;

**I continue to play piano preservice music with a WONDERFUL organist for our Sunday Traditions service.

**Our Writers Club (and my small critique group) continue to take much of my time. I’ll try to include another one of my contributions.




Last Spring, I was a young green leaf.

Winter was over. Warm weather at last!

The sunshine and warmth brought such relief.

My beauty and strength increased very


However, I was hardly noticed, as I danced

in the tree

Along with the others filtering the sun.

We leaves, all looking alike, caused

no one to glance especially at me.

Why would anyone stop and examine each


HOWEVER, I’m older and much wiser today.

I love the way folks are commenting on me.

“How lovely!” “So beautiful!” I hear them say.

OH YES!!!…..aging brings new beauty, you



He makes everything beautiful in its time.

( In the Bible, book of Ecclesiastes, third chapter, verse 11)


by Mabel Pittman October 2023

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